Whistleblower Alert: Did Drug Companies Knowingly Design Certain ADD and ADHD Drugs to be Addictive?

Certain ADD and ADHD Schedule II Drugs contain combinations of amphetamine salts. Many individuals taking these develop a strong dependence on the drug, or more importantly, on the amphetamine effect that is caused by the drug. Withdrawal from these drugs may be extremely difficult.

Guidelines exist under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as to ethical practices regarding the R&D of new drugs. Conflicts of interests and misleading statements to the government are prohibited. However, individuals having knowledge of any wrongdoing in R&D may feel intimidated to report questionable activity because of waivers and confidentiality agreements.

Whistleblowers are generally compensated for providing evidence of fraud on government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and TriCare. A private attorney may assist a whistleblower to prepare a complaint on behalf of either or both the federal and state government so that funds may be recovered and the government has an opportunity to intervene. Cases are filed under seal and are highly confidential. Complex rules exist that regulate the conduct of whistleblowers.

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