Sale of Synthetic Drugs in Texas is Deceptive

Photo by DEA

Has your child (person under the age of 18) purchased and consumed Synthetic Drugs from a Smoke Shop or Head Shop? Is that child physically injured, mentally injured or dead as a result of the consumption of Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic Drugs are known as bath salts, psychedelics, or synthetic marijuana and are advertised and labeled as “bath additives” or “potpourri” or “incense” or a number of other deceptive names.

Some of the names of these drugs are K2, Spice, Skunk and Moonrocks.

According to the 2011 University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future national study, one in every nine 12th-graders reported using this drug. Dr. Nora D. Volkow of the National Institute of Drug Abuse advises that these products have been reported to trigger intense cravings not unlike those experienced by methamphetamine users, and clinical reports from other countries confirm their addictiveness. They also have serious medical adverse side effects such as severe paranoia, suicidal thoughts, violent behavior, serious injury and even death. Also, these drugs can cause lasting brain damage. Some of these may be linked to the fact that, beyond their known psychoactive ingredients, the contents of these designer drugs are largely unknown, which makes the practice of abusing them that much more dangerous.

Possible Side Effects to Children From Synthetic Drugs:

  • Brain Injury
  • Death
  • Hallucination

Call Stapleton & Barrera to find out if you or a loved one qualifies for compensation from head shops, smoke shops, and other individuals or organizations that contributed to your child’s injury.

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