Mirena IUD May Cause Injuries and Miscarriages

The T-Shaped Mirena IUD device, which was designed to prevent pregnancies, has been found to move out of place well after it was installed and may cause injuries, failures to prevent pregnancy and complications to pregnancy.

Mirena IUD Injuries

Mirena IUD injuries may occur when the birth control device gets out of place and causes injuries. When the Mirena device moves from its original location, it may cause a uterine perforation or uterine rupture. In such cases, the IUD may also move outside of the uterus, leading to intestinal perforations or obstructions, damage to other organs, adhesions, scarring, infection, infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Failure to Prevent Pregnancy and Pregnancy Complications

If the Mirena IUD migrates, it will no longer prevent pregnancy. Women who become pregnant with Mirena still in their body are at risk for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and sepsis.

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