Millions of people swallow prescription drugs daily in the U.S., and many have lost their lives as a result. At the Barrera Law Firm, we are well-versed in what it takes to get justice for those harmed by pharmaceutical products and we have the dedication it takes to see your case through to the finish.

Infant Death and Birth Defect Cases

At the Barrera Firm we are continually helping more and more clients who have had a baby or child injured or killed by certain psychoactive medications. Birth defects, seizures, problems with pre-term labor, delayed infant development, increases in “SIDS” and heart defects and PPHN or Primary Pulmonary Hypertension of the Neonate are all becoming increasingly common among today’s children as the number of women taking psychiatric drugs during pregnancy has risen.

Tragically, many mothers were not given access to accurate risk information from drug companies before their doctors prescribed what was once considered “safe” for nursing moms to help with Post-Partum Depression or Anxiety. These medications can seriously put nursing infants and babies from future pregnancies at risk. It has even become common for doctors to try to prevent certain psychiatric conditions by giving prescription psychiatric drugs to pregnant mothers, and it is the babies who have suffered the most.

Yet, drug makers have known longer than they have let on that these risks existed and they chose not to tell the public about many of the dangers.

Even if your case seems impossible you should investigate until you get answers. No child’s death or birth defect should be excused where the multi-billion dollar drug companies are concerned. We will help you obtain justice for your child.

Suicide and Wrongful Death

In 2004 the FDA began warning patients that certain antidepressants can cause suicide. A warning about homicidal ideation was later added to some drug labels. If you have lost a loved one to suicide or violence you feel may have been caused by a psychiatric drug, you may have a case. Call us at (956) 428-2822 to have your situation evaluated.

Need to Find the Right Lawyer

Many attorneys won’t take a case against a drug manufacturer unless it is an open-and-shut, easy win that will bring a quick settlement. Even if you’ve been turned away by other lawyers in the past, that does not mean your case has no merit. It could be that the lawyer you consulted was looking for a very specific type of client, or did not have adequate knowledge of drug side effects to understand the theories necessary to win your case. Do not give up!

For more information on your particular situation, call our office at 956-399-1299 or fill in our online form for a free consultation.

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